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Bear. Man. Bearman.

Episode 001 | LMoP 01

The party meets at driftwood tavern and all introductions are completed.

Sato orders food for himself and a poor looking gentleman in the corner (Sato adds the caveat that he does not want the man to know it was from him). Sato persuades the barmaid to reduce the cost of his food and as he goes to pay Brynn eyes his bulbous sac, coin sac that is.

Another fellow comes along named Sildar who startles Gundren. He talks about how they must go to Phandalin

  • It is requested that we bring the wagon for them earning us 10 gold each (though there
  • Branthans provisions is where we need to bring the wagon.
  • We are to leave at first light

    Brynn sneaks away to investigate the wagon. On it is ale, sacks of flour, salt pork, food, shovels, miners picks, bull’s eye lanterns and oil)
    * * She goes through a window, investigates and returns a different way
    * The party leaves at first light
    * * Brynn and Sansin are scouting ahead and Balakraz is driving the wagon
    * * Brynn sees some dead horses ahead and warns the party that it may be an ambush
    * * She’s right and now there are goblins…
    * The fight breaks out
    * * Brynn and Devoline take out a goblin
    * * Balakraz moves in to line himself up for a breath weapon release
    * * Sato double moves in
    * * Jiang double moves in (right in front of Balakraz’ breath weapon’s line)
    * * We kill all but one of the goblins and search the area and we find map case, 2 human sized bodies from the ambush, and Gundren and Sivlar’s horses)
    * * Brynn and Sansin search ahead to see if they can locate the bodies of Gundren and Sivlar, but they don’t see anything
    * * The others interrogate the remaining goblin – he tells us about
    * * * Blackspider was paying the Cragmas to watch out for Gundren , capture him and bring him back to their lair; and
    * * * The King Groll the chief, and Clarg the Bear-man, and the 15 or so left in his tribe
    * * After much debate, we let the goblin go and he starts to run away, stops and turns, then to the amazement of the party he turns and fires on us
    * * * We kill him.
    * * We decide to hide the wagon in the bush and head for the goblin lair to try and locate our boss (we take the miner’s picks just in case)
    * Along the trail…
    * * Brynn scouts ahead and the party treks on
    * * Brynn notices a snare trap that is set up in plain sight, so she and Sansin dismantle it but leave it so it looks like it is still armed.
    * * The path is slower to move through as the brush is getting thicker
    * * Another track is spotted, this time it is a pit trap and Brynn guides the party around the hole while Sansin continues to sneak ahead.
    * * At the tree line, just before the water’s edge the party takes a short rest
    * * * * House rule discussed to allow 15 minutes rather than 1 hour for the short rest* *
    * * The party then continues up a hill and arrives at the end of the entrance to the cave
    * * * * * House rule discussed to add Delay* *
    * * * Brynn sneaks up to get a better look and sees a lookout post with 2 sleeping guards (goblins)
    * * The party heads in very sneakily however Sato brushes up against some branches and makes enough noise to wake the guards
    * A fight ensues
    * * Brynn takes out the first one
    * * Balakraz attackes the second one
    * * Jiang steps, trips and lands on the rogue’s toe causing great injury to the rogue
    * * The goblin knocks out the rogue however Devoline and the paladin step and to do some super fantastic healing and the party kills the remaining guard
    * The cave:
    * * 20 ft high ceilings, there is an active stream (2 ft deep) that muffles some of the noises, lots of rubble
    * * In the closest room there are 3 wolves. Brynn puts 2 to sleep and the party quickly kills the third one (as well as the sleeping ones). In the corner of the room there is a large pile of trash and bones and rubble, looking up in that spot you see a narrow opening that appears to be a natural chimney that is 30 ft high
    * * Balakraz climbs up a rope we set and sees a small campsite with a still smoldering firepit
    * * He is attacked by the Bear-man and a wolf. Balakraz holds his own against a lot of attacks and successfully climbs back down and tells the party what he saw while the Bugbear yells down, taunting us for running
    * * We go back outside of the room into the cave’s hallway and see that there is a rickety bridge up ahead that intersects between an upper room and the room that has the Bear-man.
    * * There is also a goblin on the bridge and the party kills him with ease and then hears rumbling
    * The water surge…
    * * From the north east, there is a surge of water that catches the party off guard
    * * Some of the party members hold on for dear life but Jiang and Sato are washed away and land outside of the cave…the party rallies back up the cave hallway and Brynn checks out the bridge and sees a path
    * * The sound is heard and water comes again, this time most of the party is washed away…
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